The race Pt.2

Well, the new Tubby's is now open, and the boys are working hard on the new Mossop's. A new bar at the latter, and ready to go for the 11th they reckon. Have to admit, I had no memory of the whopping stone fireplace in the redundant Steps, but maybe I was tooo busy complaining last time I was there. Meanwhile the new Tubby's features a menu which appears to be from a 70s theme bar. When was the last time coq au vin appeared on a menu? Still, given the average age of the Ilkley population, it may not be that silly a move.

The race is on

With the ex-Tubby's boys having bought the old Steps to set up Willy Mossop's (they get the keys on Monday) and the new Tubby's owners being in over the road, clearing up those rotting oranges (a nice leaving present from Robin) , the race is on to see who will open first. And who will still be here in a year's time. Good luck to both, Ilkley needs a strong restaurant quarter to enable the less scrupled estate agents (Mr Thornton, I'm trying to avoid looking at you) to add loads of money to the prices of local flats. Or, indeed, just to sell them.


Who took a jump off the Cow and Calf on Friday night/Saturday morning then? Any connections to the recent shenanigans at T'Crescent? Or have we Ilkley's third murder--which is probably what the Gazette is hoping for?

So farewell Tubby's. The last night was very emotional, lots of hugs from Robin and the staff, lots of insults flying. And, contrary to my previous claims, it is already sold for the full asking price. Thanks for the many memories, and for being the first place/people to make us truly welcome in Ilkley. ...and also to Steps. I've never been a fan, but for the main man to lose his restaurant because a business 'partner' in another venture ran off with the cash, leaving both businesses broke, is, well, not very nice to say the least. The place has already been stripped, and is on the market for considerably less than the Tubster's. We know two young(ish) gentlemen who might hopefully be interested.

Sad news

My home from home, Tubby Wadlow's, is to close on xmas Eve. The owner, Luther (whose money comes from careful marriage), has decided to sell up. It's been on the cards for much of this year, with Robin and Toby looking to buy him out (basically a matter of fixtures n fittings and goodwill as it's them that have built the revenue). When the offered price came in at £130,000 (remember this doesn't include the property itself), he was informed it was not going to be met. So farewell to the best of Ilkley's bistros, a venue for many happy after-hours drinking sessions, much cynical abuse from the bar staff, etc., etc. It'll be on the market next year sometime, so might be resurrected. Whether Luther'll get the 130K is rather more doubtful in the current climate. But, then, as I say, he didn't make his money himself, so his business knowledge is a bit limited.

A good pub?

The ma-in-law gave me the Good Pub Guide 2006 for xmas. The only pub it mentions in Ilkley (in the write-in section rather than the main review) is The Cow and Calf. Three or four people give it good reviews for good, consistent food, friendly service, etc. It makes me think less of the rest of the reviews. Somehow I'd put T C nC near the bottom of the pubs available in Ilkers (certainly below Bar T'at, The Yard and The Midland anyway).