An ill eagle

Fecks sake. After more threats of libel action, I've now removed all mention of CCTV and any other related issue. Mostly to stop the hassle to my beloved hoster.
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Oh dear, hope it gets sorted.
I hope so too, but I fear rgat the unfair (unless you are very rich) libel cases and High Court costs willonly get more prevalant with blogs getting more popular.

"Libel Law and Blogs"

Given the cost of court proceedings, I'd be very surprised if the threats you've received would actually be followed through, especially since you haven't actually libelled anyone.

Be brave, young Bertie, and don't let old bossy-knickers (who can't sell her flat) grind you down....

Oh I realise that, but its not worth the hassle for the person who was hosting the site or for myself. Thankfully that kind Mr Dobbs has now taken over hosting as a whois will show.
Wasn't it Kipling who wrote something about playing a game fair and square and to accept being a loser was part of it.