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Good grief, that's awful.
Fire, fire

Via Ilkley bloggers Bertie and Yorkshire Soul I've discovered that Ilkley Moor has been on fire for the past few days. You can see the moor from my mum's house (like many in Ilkley) and my grandpa lives on the

May I please trespass on your hospitality to give visitors to your blog some news about the Moor? Although you cannot see from the town, 30% of Ilkley Moor is burned out and dead. This includes the most ecologically important sites, the best grazing for sheep and a good proportion of the grouse habitat. I am meeting English Nature and DEFRA tomorrow to discuss what I fear will be a long road to recovery. All who love our town and moor must work together to assist this goal. I may not agree with all that is said to me, I may not act on all suggestions put to me, but I do listen. I am very happy to listen now. The only thing I am not interested in is points scoring. We all value the work of our Fire Service, but I must in addition record our grateful thanks to our own Council staff, the employees of neighbouring estates and the farmers for the huge efforts they put in to contain the fire. I am sorry to have taken up so much space.
I bet that YS hasn't got Anne Hawksworth commenting on his blog, thats a definate step up in the one up manship for you ilkleyrocks!!

And Anne on a serious note thanks for the news please keep us updated, I would be interested in the outcome of your meetings.

I agree it's been a bad burn, but looking at other areas, twenty years does seem a long time.

Plants were found growing in the ash eighteen months after the bomb hit Hiroshima. I'm getting fed up with all the hype. The Moor will recover faster than most give Nature her due.

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