Anyone kow what's happened with Google? Has it changed the way it deals with blogs? I used to be in the top 20 or so entries from 'ilkley'. Not a massive surprise given how many times I mention it. I'm now not in the top ten pages (I stopped looking after that point). AFAIK I haven't been dropped off anyone's links.

Indeed, I'm now much, much higher up google returns for 'paris hilton naked' than I am for 'Ilkley' (though yorkshiresoul is of course higher on any search for pics of naked celebs (and non-celebs)).

'insignificant whining voice will now stop'

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Google is up to something but nobody is quite sure what.
This may help answer a few questions, or create more?
"Johnson's New Years Eve" is still driving hundreds of hits my way.

Had a fair bit of interest from message boards as far apart as Status Quo, Croatian gymnastics and Burnley FC, a wide mix of folk arriving at Y Soul.

I just had someone get to mine searching for 'Jay Rayner'. When I checked where they were, it was Pag 323 of google. Someone's got a stalker methinks! I get a lot from OZ at the moment.