I'm, I'm, I'm appalled

(copyright for that article remains with the Ilkley Gazette, lord love them...unauthorized reproduction (like this) is plainly prohibited). Better to go to the link and read it though!

The latest issue of pravda is shocking even to someone like myself who is happy to endorse tabloid journalism.

It makes me feel like that episode of Yes Minister where they all sat round going

'I'm appalled...what do you think Humphrey?'

'It's appalling minister..'

'It is, I'm, I'm appalled...Bernard, anything to help...'

'Not really minister, I'm appalled.'

More later, but letter to PCC and CRE will be following...

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Have they even spelt gypsies right?

I can remember articles against all 2 travellers/gypsies when I was teenager, anyone would think we'd been invaded.

Unfortunately, my father had a very bad experience with travellers (I'm sorry, I don't know all the correct terms) last year when some set up a temporary camp in the field at the back of his house in Wakefield. My dad went to walk across the field, he wasn't bothered that they were there (probably the only one on the street who felt like that), yet he was threatened and nearly assaulted.

These people get a very bad press, as the above article shows, but there is no need to live up to your own bad publicity and treat people with a total lack of respect. Treat others as you'd want to be treated yourself.

Articles like the Gazette write do not help one bit.