Journalism 101 (pt. 2)

Glad to see the Gazette up to their old tricks. Banner headline across the front page Postal Switch brings late deliveries--and anger. A story of how the Post Office's swap to mid-morning deliveries has wrecked the lives of citizens across Ickley. Only, when you read it, you find that the 'anger' in question has been expressed by just one person a 'David Bowtell' of King's Road, who claims 'any sane person has got to admit a postal delivery at 12-20pm is quite absurd.' Yup, that's one source justifying a banner header, a quarter page story and a 'strong' leader. I wonder if that source freely gave their opinion, or if they were asked for a comment (or, godz forbid, they were entirely made up)?? Who knows? What I do know, however, is that every Journalism course and Media Studies O Level in the country will tell you that two sources are the minimum required to make a story. Strangely, the story itself doesn't feature on pravda's website. I wonder why? And for the record Dave (and Ms Greaves), like many people I set off for work by 7-30 so I never see the post until the evening.
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But for many business's this is pretty poor, our post now arrives at 2.30pm, sadly the office shuts at 1.30pm.

Friends who work at NG Bailey's tell me that the secrataries now have to drive into Ilkley to collect their own post as they work mornings only as well.

I can see the problem for small businesses, but NG Bailey's is hardly that! If they can afford the proper upkeep on Denton Hall and Heathcote, they can afford two grand a year to guarantee the post arrives on time.