Well, once again today we had the trains cancelled out of town. That's the third time this week. Wednesday I had an exam so ended up catching a taxi into Bradford. Obviously I'll be claiming that back.

In fact, I'm claiming everything back. One of the wonders of the passenger charter is that, if you don't use your tickets, you get to claim the money back (-£10 admin fee). Which means if you go to, say, London and you don;t get ticket checked, you just tell 'em you didn't use the tickets and you get a £10 trip.

Not that this has happened to me.

More then three times this year.

Happens a lot on the Leeds-Manchester line (tip--buy an Iklkey-Leeds ticket which WILL be checked, then get a separate Leeds-Manc. one which is very unlikely to be cos the train will be so unpleasantly over-crowded the conductor won't dare come out of his cab hahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha)

And, yes, I AM a cheap bastard.