Open letter pt.2

Well, the police have confirmed they are 'investigating'. Interesting. I presume I'll get told they have investigated and there's nothing they can do in a few weeks, but at least it wasn't a straight denial.
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I noticed your letter was quite heavily edited in gazette.
they didn't use mine! I have yet to receive a reply. If I haven't by Thursday the letter goes off to the Press Complaints people. Noticeable though that they haven't received any letters in support (one assumes, as I'm sure they'd have printed them).
At least there's been some response. Following the documentary about those delightful BNP folk in Keighley, seems clear that Bradford and its denizens have a tough call.

On an entirely unrelated note, and inspired by the "what we're listening to" section, I excavated "Script from the bridge" from the vinyl vaults - great tunes, very naff lyrics - grim remembrances of gothdom past. Still - prompted me to find the album by The Sun and the Moon - "wash my brains with Australian soap, thanking heaven for that quarter of dope" - sheer genious!

Agree about the lyrics, but the sheer bloody energy of thing is still great. I've got a teenage brother and thought a rip of 'In Shreds' would still inspire him. Actually, the words work within the context of the music (which is all they're required to do)'s only when you read them on paper/screen (and don't check out site where Mark Burgess gives typically pseudy reasonings for his work, very depressing indeed) that you realise they're not that great. Less Than Human works lyrically because it's so simple.

And there's nothing wrong with the occassional teenage stomp around the bedroom!

I haven't (yet) dug out my Sex Gang Children stuff, but Skeletal Family still sound okay.

My word - The Skeletal Family - that brings back memories! I remember seeing them at a real goth-fest at the Lyceum in London back in 85 or so - with the immortal Sisters of Mercy, Xmal Deutschland and more dry ice than you could shake a stick at! I remember losing my specs in the mosh pit and everyone clearing a circle so I could retrieve them from oblivion. Nice folks, goths!
I was probably there cogibudnus...used to follow Xmal round and had a very brief fling with one of them. Tocsin is a great album if germanic siouxsie inspired things are your bag!
Small world eh? You may be interested to know (referring back to a brief trade marks discussion on Ilkley-more) that the bass player from King Kurt is now a clean-cut trade mark attorney. I met him once, but alas can't remember his name...