Purple Haze

The full story of Jimi Hendrix's one and only appearance in Ilkley is told over on Fraser's new blog. And an excellent piece of research it is too. Wonder if Smokie's annual appearance will; be treated with such reverence in 35 years time?
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Well thank you kindly, but really the main research was done by Matthew Catling. He of the hanging basket ducks and former gazbag reporter. I found the article in one of my files and thought the kiddywinks may learn a bit about Olicankley.
Perhaps the Troutbeck Nursing Home, where Hendrix played (formally the Troutbeck Hotel), should be awarded on of those historic blue plaques. Does anyone know how to put the Troutbeck Nursing Home forwards for this?? Is it the National Trust or English Heritage who awards the blue plaques?
I believe the local ones are done by a local none elected body who will be nameless from this quarter.
Will have a word with contacts in English Heritage for you.
Don't forget the lad from Highgrove spent a couple of nights there too.