Rise of the neds

So the contract for the Wharfedale line has gone to Serco and Ned Railways. The latter is the Netherlands Railways. So, while we're not allowed to have a nationalised rail industry, the nationalised rail industries of other countries can run ours. Hopefully Japan will bid next time around, and we'll get a bullet train to Otley.
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I wonder if the Dutch will see sense and rid the travelling public of those infernal recorded messages...the next stop will be etc., etc., etc. We know what the next stop will be. There's no need to keep repeating it. And what about those awful plastic seats, how many commuters in years to come will suffer from waggon drivers back? Global warming may be on the way but do we really need tinted windows? Lets have a bit of commonsense back on our rails. I might use the railway again.
I know the recorded messages are irritating, but they are very useful for blind or partially sighted people. The new Siemens trains are excellent - very accessible and so far (touch wood) reliable.

The tinted windows are a bit unnecessary I guess - especially at the moment, when they make everything seem even gloomier than it already is!

I reply here as a disabled person. Yes there is need for those who are visually challenged to be aware of where they are, but not every hundred yards or so.