Rude bwoi

I forgot my manners... Chatiry mentioned this site, and I haven't returned the favour. Apologies. As librarians go, chatiry is most unintimidating. She also likes books, which, IME is very rare amongst her profession. She also likes ranting...something that you'd never see done on this site. Oh no, not never... (and she could give me some lessons in using typepad, I have NO idea how to find out what search terms people are using to get to this site, or how to put on records, books and other such entertainment...ho hum...)
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Aw, thank you. Most librarians I know like books, but not all.

Had a nice weekend back home, failed to notice lamposts but did notice a lot of dog muck at the west end of Valley Drive. Even south Leeds can sort that one out.

Finding how people reach your site is dead easy, go to 'control panel' then 'check my stats and referrers'. Lists of books and CDs work in the same way as lists of links and blogs, you just need to select 'music' or 'books' and enter the album or ISBN (cut and paste from amazon) and typepad magically puts a picture of the book or CD on.