Sad news

My home from home, Tubby Wadlow's, is to close on xmas Eve. The owner, Luther (whose money comes from careful marriage), has decided to sell up. It's been on the cards for much of this year, with Robin and Toby looking to buy him out (basically a matter of fixtures n fittings and goodwill as it's them that have built the revenue). When the offered price came in at £130,000 (remember this doesn't include the property itself), he was informed it was not going to be met. So farewell to the best of Ilkley's bistros, a venue for many happy after-hours drinking sessions, much cynical abuse from the bar staff, etc., etc. It'll be on the market next year sometime, so might be resurrected. Whether Luther'll get the 130K is rather more doubtful in the current climate. But, then, as I say, he didn't make his money himself, so his business knowledge is a bit limited.
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This is a bit late for a response but i believe that to state that someone’s business acumen, is not good because their spouse is wealthy is small minded, Luther obviously had a business mind as Tubby's remained open for several years, started from scratch of which 90% of similar start ups fail. Clever chose of staff is good business knowledge, it’s probably the most important aspect of such a business and to get that right can make or break such a venture. Keeping the staff is also impressive. To say he had limited business knowledge sounds like a pathetic childish unfounded dig.
LOL! A bit academic given his current position.