Once upon a time

...there was a blog. Let's call it, I don't know, Ilkley Rocks, for ease. Back in 2003 or 4 it was (hard to remember). So I moved to Ilkley, and started writing. At the time, after doing some searching, it seemed that only a blog in Malmesbury was doing something similar. Long before the word 'hyperlocal' was invented, Ilkley Rocks was it. 

It was still a bit of a wild time on the British web. Clamps hadn't been tightened. And I took the freedom to abuse, mislead, lie and spin stories. I remember (and the evidence is still here) suggesting that Cllr Mike Gibbons was watching the residents of the town through secret cameras, that Ilkley Golf Club was the scene of a coven controlling the town, that, well...it's all still up here. I was clear that I never alleged corruption, or crime, just allowed some rants to ramble and decline to obscenity. 

Frankly, I doubt I'd get away with it now. 

There was a campaign against CCTV, mostly led by others, but documented here. You won't find much sign of it, after a threat of legal action against our host. You see, I always said I was a coward and would remove anything if asked. But, hey, we won. And the impact of that campaign meant we won again recently.

But, as people got to know more about blogs, it became somehow less interesting. Though entertaining for me when Cllr Hawkesworth started debating directly with me on the blog, even while being abused (for which she rose much higher in my esteem), 

Things have changed. We've got some independent councillors in the town for a start. Albeit not massively bright ones. We've got some new xmas lights. And the money keeps flowing in. My particular bete noire, the Bradford council archaeologist, is still in post, and still claiming the Panorama Stones are a recent forgery. And the Ilkley Gazette died and then was re-born when people stopped buying its successor. Oh, and then twitter came along. And a few new sites.

But I thought, 'I've rested long enough, time to write again'. Not for commercial reasons, our host won't allow that, but to see how long it is till I get bored once more. 


By way of the rather lovely clickrich who I keep meaning to link to (and now have) an image of a memorial to a bomber that crashed on t'Moor during the war. I know nothing about this. Must have completely missed the story due to being over on the wrong side of the Pennines. Maverickapollo has the full story linked here. Can someone give me directions please?

Welcome to the interweb

The local paper has re-done its website. Which is a bit of a shock. No more massively out of date articles, no more letters from over a year ago (actually no letters at all as they haven't uploaded those yet). Now it's all spankingly up to date and interweb-friendly. Course, the fact the Ilkley Gazette has increasingly little to do with Ilkley and uses more and more stories from sister papers in Yorkshire sort of undermines the project, but at least now we know why they've been cutting back on the paper version.


Well, thought it was time for a play. Don't know, however, how to get Typepad to treat the image as only one column wide and start the other column at the top of the page.

Also don't know why the word 'Rocks' appears in huge letters above the banner in Opera.


Anyone kow what's happened with Google? Has it changed the way it deals with blogs? I used to be in the top 20 or so entries from 'ilkley'. Not a massive surprise given how many times I mention it. I'm now not in the top ten pages (I stopped looking after that point). AFAIK I haven't been dropped off anyone's links.

Indeed, I'm now much, much higher up google returns for 'paris hilton naked' than I am for 'Ilkley' (though yorkshiresoul is of course higher on any search for pics of naked celebs (and non-celebs)).

'insignificant whining voice will now stop'

Smile ;-)

Finally we make it on technorati. That took, like, five attempts...

Not that I care about publicity.

Oh no.

(mumbles to self...dogging, swinging, Yorkshiresoul, kicking old ladies downstairs (I swear someone's come here on a google for that before now))


Normal Service

Sorry about that. Post-election blues. And my hit rate dropped from near 1,000 down to about 20 per day. Let's try this--"Abi Titmuss naked", "Paris Hilton naked" oh and with WImbledon coming up "Maria Sharapova naked".

Not that it matters. With exams for the next three weeks, then two weeks of sleeping to recover, then a lot of Ashes cricket and then a new job starting (not in Ilkley) in September, this blog will be in inevitable decline.

Move along, nothing to see here!

The best strategy

See, I disappear for a few days (couldn't be bothered to turn 'puter on), and by the time I get back I'm getting a ludicrous hit-rate. 5,000 in the last three days.

Course it's all the same people.