These boots are made for...

BIg props (sorry, I'm listening to some of that young person's populr beat music, I believe it's called rap?) to yorkshire soul. Not so much for the amusing pictures, but for the accounts (with images) of numerous walks across our local countryside. If I wasn't already here; if, for instance, I was living overseas, I can imagine they would make me as homesick as Steve Harmison. Well done that man.

I want the monkey not the .org(an grinder)

The parish council have decided in their own, totally undemocratic, way that they might provide some funding for Funding, presumably from the money provided by us punters in the form of our parish precepts. Given that pravda's website is down so often, they obviously want a secure way of reaching the masses.

However, their argument is based on being the most popular site about the town. Which it isn't. As detailed elsewhere on this site, those behind .org have also been rather underhand in their dealings with other online Ilkley presences. Which surely makes them less than suitable as recipients of our hard-earned ca$h?

Increasingly it's becoming obvious that the best way to find out what's going on in Ilkley is to look either here (where there's a very jaundiced point of view) or over at our friends on ilkley-more. The latter, thanks to its frenetic forum frolics, discusses local events and rumours that our venerable local paper never gets round to (if you read the gusset, you'd be convinced that there's no crime at all in this fair town).



I know, I know..I'm sorry. To all my loyal readers, a heartfelt apology for being away for so long. It's just, well, I've been busy.

Or what I think of as busy anyway. Service will be somewhat erratic over the next few months as I struggle to complete my course while struggling to keep my job.

Towers open Fire

Found this by way of one of the referrers. Seems to be a graffiti/art-crimes site. Only the content gets all very strange, like William Burroughs trapped in a local newspaper.

And half way down the page, they start channelling the name of this blog. Why? WHo? How? On other pages they do the same with some rather more well known (and international blogs). Kewel...

Keep it up

Well I haven't had much time recently (as you might have noticed), but it's good to see you've been keeping the site going amongst yourselves.

I've added a comments section so we can keep track of just how much Frazer and Elvis post (more than me I should think).

This blog has the facility for multiple authors, which might be interesting.

Say more, discover more

The Parish Council is thinking of investing in (to which I won't link here). Perhaps before doing so, they should have a word about the unethical methods used by the Wharfedale Online Trust (which runs the site) to maintain visit numbers.

Our friends over at ilkley-more have been running a very successful, lively site for a couple of years now. For reasons that escape me, they never picked up the version of their name. The WOT have now done so, and pointed it at A clear case of passing off.

They've even set up a forum, in imitation of -more's best feature. Currently there's five posts on it, three from more regulars wondering why they've squatted someone else's URL.


I've just re-read a few of these posts and noted the number of typos. I do apologise. With the sound of the Holmes Field fireworks ringing in me ears, I will endeavour to do bettere!

Local Blogs (2)

In further searching for local blogs (it's been a busy week, but eventually I got bored and played on the webnet thing), britblog has a couple that adhere to my rather strict interpretation of the rules... So, we bring you the delights of Forest Gate in SOuth East London. A little less personal than what you're reading, but acting rather more responsibly too! And then, through the Beeb, there's a whole host of Scottish island blogs, some from businesses, some from people enjoying being wet and windy and cold (much like those of us living on moors do...) And it's not a smalltown blog, but it's listed under the community area--searching for a new dog? This place might help. Or bring tears to your eyes. Whichever.

Big stuff

You will possibly notice the addition of a button over ------> there linking to the no ID campaign. While I realise this is sort of nothing to do with Ilkley alone, it being to do with all of us, and this being my site, I'm adding it anyway and breaking my own resolution.. And if anyone replies with 'but if you're not a criminal you've got nothing to be scared of...' I shall immediately block their IP address for holding such facile, pathetic and infantile views. No, if I'm not a criminal, I shouldn't be treated like one. More politics at some time in the future