Stomp stomp stomp stomp

Had a wander towards Addingham Moorside yesterday. Apart from all the gorgeous little lambs (but all white, have you noticed that? Have the BNP got to the farmers as well?), we're following the path across fields, when suddenly, loads of fences, no arrows. No sign of path. We open gates. We check map. Quite obviously the right of way goes through Netherwood Farm. So where are the signs?

Isn't it compulsory to mark out rights of way? Or is it a ploy to get us to wander onto 'their' land so they can not shoot us and then complain about the Labour partee restricting the right to kill anybody coming within a nhundred yards of one's property?

More bodies

Looks pretty certain that the current gang at Bodies have signed up with Craiglands. This will only be a stopgap, though, featuring weights, a few treadmills and so on, but at least there will be a gym in the town. The notion is to build/convert somewhere else for longer-term use. I've been told the membership fees at the Craigies place will reflect the fact it's nowhere near as big as Bodies! More info from the current crew--put your e-mail addresses down for them to keep in touch with.

(And nice to see the current owners have sold their membership lists to Hollins Hall--Data Protection Act anyone?)

It's death, gym, but not as we know it...

So we got our letters this morning saying Bodies would be closing on 11th March, which is next Friday. Some notice, hey? What's worrying me, though, is the impact this will have on the Council's social disorder policy. Numerous reports show that people not being able to take physical exercise, not taking part in the community, are liable to hang around on street corners and cause trouble. Don't be surprised if the same happens here. The guard at the station has already had trouble with OAPs lazing about, putting their feet up on the benches. All the old ladies who used to go to Bodies in the morning and work out their frustrations, will be hanging around on street corners, looking for some trouble, smoking.

It could be a troublesome few months.

Gone, deceased, it is no more

Sad news that Bodies gym is to close. Apparently they've received an offer from developers and that's all she wrote. Lots of obvious puns spring to mind.

So, Ilkley loses another amenity to flats. Flats which won't be sold, judging by what's happening next door (the old Grove Hotel remains 50% unsold after three or more months on the market), and all across town. Flats which, if they are sold, will add to the parking problems, particularly in that part of town. How long till they build on Spence's Garden?

What really pisses me off is the way it was done. Some three months ago (18/11 to be precise) an outline planning application on the gym was renewed by its owners. At the time, they assured everyone that this was only 'to keep options open', and no action was planned or intended. For that reason, there was little opposition from either the residents of Regent Road or from the users. The Planning Committee refused it in its current form, but aceppted the principle of 11 residential flats so long as parking on the road wasn't affected. I can't believe this 'principle' would have been accepted if there had been any real thought that the conversion would take place (more fool the planning committee of course). Basically, the owners lied, and are now cutting and running. Cheers guys, can we have our subs back now?

Hopefully, something will rise post-mortem. Otherwise, Cannons in Guiseley will be getting a lot more trade. But what will the old ladies who use the gym for a social occassion do now?

Skipton Muhket

Okay, so it's the next town over. But props to Wild Oats for some very nice veggie food. And then to the stall holder who sold me this. Imagine getting tea every morning from this. How can you not smile? And, yes, it's tail is the handle. Gorjuss.


Well, it was a choice between lying on the sofa and watching The OC or getting out and aboot. Living where I do, it's not much of a choice...

(course that was a few days ago, it's all white now)

The new bridges over Heber's Ghyll are very nice. Not so sure about the concrete steps leading to them. Maybe they'll weather down.

Housey housey

Not sure whether it's a good or bad thing, but Ilkley has been named one of the ten most expensive places in the country for first-time buyers. In the North, only Altrincham and Knutsford come higher.

It's not great for second- or third- time buyers either. But it certainly explains all those elderly gents and ladies in sports cars. And there I was thinking their money had come from running drugs to the EPHs..


(Haven't been on for a while and typepad change the whole formatting thing).

Over-hearing a guard on the train today, Ned/Serco finally take over our local line on 12 December at 2am.

And the question we've all been asking--what colour will the new uniforms be? Blue. Hmm...

How quick will they re-paint all the trains, or won't they bother?

Questions, questions..