Theatre of Hate Pt.1

And I completely forgot to mention, in the last post about the election, the Tory attempt to link immigrants with disease and uncleanliness. I believe that dates back to some time before Aristophanes.

Course, it doesn't matter to the Tories that this boosts the BNP vote. A boosted BNP vote means more chance of Tories coming to power. Such an alliance has a glorious place in history too--1933 elections, Germany (which lead to the family of a certain Michael Howard fleeing to Britain). Insert over-used Santayana quote here.

How different their rhetoric is now to a year ago. This change in tack down to the appointment of Lynton Crosby as campaign director--a rather nasty Aussie who did the same role (on the same issues) for right-wing Oz parties.

Tory Boy

Tory boy Karl 'fourth choice' Poulsen's tactics in Ilkley are likely to be a micro-cosm of the party's tactics in the country as a whole. Yes, welcome once more to the politics of fear. Lying in bed waking up slowly to the Today programme each morning, it's a piece of piss to work out that day's Daily Hate headline--you're guaranteed that Mr Howard will be making a supportive statement. He hasn't mentioned house prices yet, but you'll be sure that it's to come.

Thus we have a campaign that will be based around asylum seekers/foreigners swamping our culture; fears over domestic and national security (though the former will be more relevant than the latter); fears over financial security and inheritance; fears over crime. The problem for the Tories is that the point they're making each time will be circumscribed by the policies of one of the most right-wing governments this country's known since the days of the repressive tories in the 1820s.

Thus, Poulsen's letter to the Gusset last week (and probably repeated in local papers across the country). The Howard attempt to pass legislation allowing householders to kill intruders--a classic example of a non-issue produced and huffed over simply to make a scene. The necessary failure of the bill existed only to find some clear blue water between the tories and Labour. But how slight it is. One party says one can use reasonable force, the other says that's not enough. So we have the reasonable force and the unreasonable force partes arguing over matters of interpretation.

And the obvious failure of the legislation (what would they have done if it had passed?) allowed tory boys in marginals up and down the country to point to Labour letting down vulnerable people, failing to protect the constituents, etc. etc. Politics of pose and piss and wind, 'performed' rather than lived.

Of course, in Ilkley, this tactic might just work. If you can make the inhabitants scared enough, given their demographic, you might be able to take advantage. So, we shall see a lot of this over the next two-and-a-bit months. Look out for mentions of pensions, of reductions in standard of living for the elderly, of the high cost of IHT, and, of course, of the killing level of council tax.

We'll also see the Tories building up the BNP vote, because they need to strip enough Labour votes away in Keighley to allow them to use their in-built majority in Ilkley to good effect (and hope the UKIP don't have the same impact on them). So lots of mentions of immigration and 'condemnations' of extremism. What a lovely prospect.

Cry(er)ing wolf

Having only just mentioned, we should now mark the passing of the local Labour Party's discussion board. I know it was inundated with the illiterate, but all that meant was proper Admin-ing, surely? Farewell, sweet democracy, how little we knew you...

Look! There's your brain cell! There! Damn it man, you can't afford to lose it!

Over on the Keighley BNP talkboards community forum, they're appealing to the people of Ilkley to support Mr. Griffin in his campaign. Obviously, this has quickly devolved into exchanges of 'Fascist...communist' as though they're equivalent (and completely ignoring Godwin's law (though does it count if you really are a fascist?).

What I like about this post, apart from the notion that people died in the last war defending racism (uhhr, yeah, they did, only not on our side), is the idea that we should allow Mr Griffin to speak at events so he can tell the truth.

Now, I believe completely in free speech. If only Griffin did as well. It's why the BBC have to infiltrate his little band of brothers. He pretends not to be a racist. He doesn't simply come out anymore and say--'chuck the niggers/pakis/racial epithetofchoice out'. He talks about voluntary repatriation. Understanding different cultures. Wanting them to develop separately (there are some big mis-understandings of what passes for 'British' culture there of course--ask Linda Colley). It's only when the hidden cameras go in that he reveals himself for what he really might be.

Unless the meakly-mouthed weasel is really him. And the strident racist is only for certain consumption. Perhaps even he doesn't know anymore. It's a long way from the 'political solider' days innit Nick? Time, maybe, to have a little look back at our man's career...

What's a puir white boy to do?

It seems bleakly appropriate that the leader of the BNP, Nick Griffin (and I've just realised that as well as turning up on searches for various illicit sexual activities, I'll turn up on google for that mention), should be standing in Ilkley and Keighley at the oh-please-get-it-over-with forthcoming election. And I'm not talking about our beloved fylfot.

The presence of the BNP leader has driven our local representative into a fervour of condemnation, of course. Apparently we must all pull together to reject this evil racist.

Various Ilkley-ites have been acting as though this is all Keighley's troubles. Yet, I have no doubt that the BNP will receive a fair few votes over on this side of t'hill. This is the community, after all, where the Daily Mail--that facist hack-rag--is the best selling paper. People here believe that immigrants are swamping the nation, even if they don't actually have any evidence of seeing them. The Dales can be a scary place if you've a black face, as any cursory reading of the Craven Herald would reveal. And in even the most genteel of neighbourhoods (I'm looking up Curly Hill here), there's a Mail-derived opinion that the invading hordes are just round the corner (the curry houses in town are the first wave, donch'a know?). It's where genteel racism is an everyday occurrence.

So, yes, it's appropriate that he's standing here. The Labour Party seems to work under the impression that none of us will have noticed what they've been doing for the past eight years. The racist rhetoric. The internment camps. The thousands deported to what uncertain fate. The immigration-used-as-excuse-for-any-barmy-policy. And when they get taken seriously. When people actually start believing it all (just like they always do, every time such language is used--we're very odd stuck out here on our immigrant island), and start acting on it, they start to cry foul.

Ms Cryer has been one of the worst (as even some of the non-BNP plants on her local website admit). Not that there's anything wrong with the notion of requiring a standard of English to be learnt before gaining citizenship. But when it's accompanied by speech after speech decrying 'foreign' customs, attacking cultural standards, a paradigm of hatred, rejection and 'otherness' is created. And into the paradigm, steps something, well, not any worse at all to be frank. At least the BNP are hon...uhhr, well, no, they're not are they? They can't even be bothered to be honest about the whole thing. They have to wait for lazy BBC film crews to reveal their racism (and journalists infiltrating the BNP is easier than Searchlight/Special Branch agents doing it (Tim Hepple anyone?)).

So, frankly, I'm quite pleased. It'll give some of us the sight of watching one bunch of racists trying desperately to differentiate themselves from another bunch. And nary a playing card can be slipped between the two. 'You want a fascist for a neighbour, vote Labour'. Fuck 'em both.