Smalltown blogs

I've tried to be very severe with this blog. There's been very little about me (okay, you now know I have pieces of metal through personal parts, but that's about it), and I've tried to keep this about Ilkley. When I started back last year, I made the assumption that there were lots of blogs like this, that concentrated on a small area and worked it to death. Of course there are the porn and related blogs (and hasn't belle de jour got boring? Self-satisfied little 'madam/mister' defining the Chapel Allerton Jewish Princess tag), but otherwise there seem to be very few single subject blogs (oh and excluding the Iraq and US politics ones *yawn*). So, the aims of this blog were to avoid personal confession, avoid the 'acrid smell of burnt poetry' (ta Plum), and just write about a place. Looking around I've found three blogs that are anything like it. Course, there are loads of great blogs that are almost like it...Basingstoke Boy and so on. But really taking a small area and working it to death, so far we have.. The one about the local bus, which is from redmaiden. Then there's the very good one about weird people in Hackney. I love this site, having lived there, it's just so, so, right. And then there's the one from Wiltshire which is the nearest of all to this. And that's about it. I think. So, if you run or know of anything that's strictly parochial, wherever that parish may be, let me know so I can add it to the list.


Questions no one has asked so far.

What is 'Ilkley'?
Ilkley is a town of some 14,000 inhabitants, located in Wharfedale, Yorkshire, England. The town is sandwiched between two areas of stunning moorland, part of the North Pennines. It's one of the most beautiful places in the country, if not the world. And those of us who have a home here are very privileged.

Who are you?
I live here.

Are you being serious?
Sometimes. But, no, Ilkley doesn't really exist under a fascist jackboot. It just sometimes feels like it. It is, however, definitely a gerontocracy.

Are you aware of the libel laws in the UK?
Oh yes, but I'd always claim the satirical defence. If anyone threatens me with lawyers I will, of course, cave in straight away.

Does anybody read what you write?
Hey, you can't have got here from google. As insular, cynical, blogs go, this one is doing just fine.

Do you hate where you live?
See above. I just like complaining. And if I can't complain, I like to whinge.

If I had an afternoon in Ilkley, what should I do?
If it's not raining, get thee up t'moor.
If it is, get thee down t'Old Bridge, and watch the Wharfe roar.

What's the best pub/restaurant/tea shop/nightclub?
The Yard/Tubby Wadlow's/Betty's/What's a nightclub?

What's your motto?
It's been a long time since I did Latin, but something along the lines of ex Verbeia veni, et a Verbeia redibo.

Can we contact you?

If you really want to. Try e-mailing me here.