The race is on

With the ex-Tubby's boys having bought the old Steps to set up Willy Mossop's (they get the keys on Monday) and the new Tubby's owners being in over the road, clearing up those rotting oranges (a nice leaving present from Robin) , the race is on to see who will open first. And who will still be here in a year's time. Good luck to both, Ilkley needs a strong restaurant quarter to enable the less scrupled estate agents (Mr Thornton, I'm trying to avoid looking at you) to add loads of money to the prices of local flats. Or, indeed, just to sell them.
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Wel we hope to get cracking on Monday, still nothing definate though. Any thing can happen.
Less, scrupled? Do any of them have scruples?
I ate in Tubby's once, sadly I discovered it shortly before it was closing so can't wait for Willy Mossop's to open.
Certainly plenty of action at the old Tubby's last night - looks like some menus in the window this morning too.

Come on Willy (so to speak)!

Willys is coming (thats not good).
Seriously, we got hold of the keys today.
we hope to be in within three weeks, and hope to see you all soon.
Go Willy, Go Willy, Go Willy!