The race Pt.2

Well, the new Tubby's is now open, and the boys are working hard on the new Mossop's. A new bar at the latter, and ready to go for the 11th they reckon. Have to admit, I had no memory of the whopping stone fireplace in the redundant Steps, but maybe I was tooo busy complaining last time I was there. Meanwhile the new Tubby's features a menu which appears to be from a 70s theme bar. When was the last time coq au vin appeared on a menu? Still, given the average age of the Ilkley population, it may not be that silly a move.
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The bar is nearly finished, and the decorating is starting.

We are looking at opening on Tuesday 11th April.

Still lots to do, but many kind people are chipping in.

To be continued...................

cut and pasting?
How do Tubbys get their windows to sparkle like that? Looking good. Hope to eat there soon.
Nearly ready now, menus are written wine is stocked. for more
too many ssssss
it is quite late!!!
How have the first few days gone?
Very well thanks.We have been busy, 30 odd each night. Which is good to get things going.
Onwards and upwards!!!!!
Toby, glad to hear it. I will be in sooner rather than later to sample your fayre, I can't wait. Good luck!
I've booked, hurrah, I'm on my way!
Is Willy Mossop's non smoking?
Yes it is.
There is an outside area for smokers.