The train has arrived five minutes early

Only problem being, to arrive into Ilkley five minutes early, it must have left Ben Rhydding (and probably Burley too) before it was meant to. Well, its one way of hitting punctuality targets I suppose.
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Not so! The time-table allows six minutes between Ben Rhydding and Ilkley - it takes two.
I stand corrected--they must have done it in one then.
Not so, as to leaving early. You are right as to fiddling the performance figures - its a recognised way in the railway business.
Hello John - are you any relation to Anne?
Yes, husband. I am a great fan of Prince Philip.
Have you noticed how they say, "The next train for platform one (or two) will terminate at Ilkley." What happens if it doesn't? Are the new trains fitted out for impromptue dining?
Or flying on to Skipton?
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