This place spoils you

We were house hunting in Hebden Bridge today. Verdict: it's not Ilkley. But nowhere is. Which makes leaving rather difficult.
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Don't make the mistake I once did and live in Littleborough (near Rochdale) - a right dump of a place.

It's not easy trying to find a compromise location twixt Leeds and Manchester - I'd recommend getting your workplace relocated nearer to Ilkley.....

Hmm, nice thought. Maybe it could be the visitor centre for the moor?
Sounds like a plan! Seriously, though, sad to hear you're leaving us...
There's always the canal, KC, at least as far as t'other side of Rombalds. I understand the beer over there doesn't cost a mortgage. He/they will be back........
You can take the man out of Ilkley, but you can't take Ilkley out of the man etc etc

Yours distantly-of-Bournemouth

This going to be Hebden Rocks then ?
Nah, not there. I'm not a lady gay for a start.
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