While Ilkley Moor burns

...Councillor Hawkesworth plots. It seems that the fires currently 'raging' (and well done Maisie the sheepdog) are just the excuse the power-mad old harridan needs to suggest changing the rules governing access to the moor. Apparently, it being common land simply isn't good enough. These fires show the need to give Bradford Council the right to close down free access. So much for the proposed trust giving control to the 'people' of Ilkley. The Trust will contain the usual great and good, who will use their new powers to close down access whenever they feel like it, or whenever they and their friends fancy something like a bit of shooting. and any excuse will be good enough to concentrate more power in their hands.
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As over 50% of the Moor is now burned out the raging fires are clearly not a figment of my imagination. With strange posts like yours, it is no wonder you get few comments.
Are you so thin skinned that all you can do is dish out criticism and not publish any repost?
Patently, I have a spam-blocker on, as I've pointed out before. If you're not trusted by the system, you don't get to post straight away.

Nice of you to join us after all this time. Nice politicians answer btw--was I questioning the raging fires? Nope, given I live in the smokiest part of town. Was I questioning the motives behind your comments to the Gusset? Well, yes. And have these been responded to? Well, no.

Local politics aside, isn't this another case of something so blairingly obvious to commoners being over ridden by sheep in Westminster. How come a government (on both sides) full of legal eagles can make such mistakes? Also how come those given the right to ramble where ever they wish have not noticed it either?
So you'd support no pasaran and her colleagues having the right to close access to our moor whenever they felt like it Fraser?
I'm looking at the safety angle here. Only when it was specifically dangerous to life and limb. If you've ever had anything to do with fires on deep peat you'll understand where I'm coming from.
Dear Anne, for somebody who is supposed to represent the people, try listening. Your postings are of poor quality and contain no discernable facts worthy of comment. If this is the level of debate you encourage in local politics, then it is no surprise that local elections are so poorly attented.

You might like to explain the following:

1, Under your proposals what are the criteria for shutting the moor.
2, What independent body would over see these decisions.
3, If the moor was closed would the kind of muppet who drops matches/bottles/cigarettes actually take any notice. Would it not be better to have right thinking people using the moor to spot trouble.

Just a few points that I am sure you have considered, but it would be nice to know your opinion.

yours john houlihan (bradford rate payer)