And the winner was

Apologies for having only tweeted the result of the Labour candidate race. John Grogan was the winner, followed by 'Our Henry'. Cllr Berry came in third I believe and, finally, the only interesting candidate, Cllr Akhtar. Apparently asians need not apply to represent the party in Keighley. As, you know, there are no asians in Keighley.

It's a sensible move. Grogan got good reviews as a constituency MP in Selby. He's (a lot) older than Murison, has done it all before, won't be seeking high office (one assumes), has something of the whiff of Bob Cryer about him. He doesn't, however, live in the constituency, and has a certain past when it comes to expenses. Most interesting will be to see how UKIP handle this. Grogan is an ex-MEP and clear Europhile. Will UKIP stand at the risk of letting in someone strongly committed to Europe to win the seat? Or will UKIP's shambolic local presence means it's immaterial?

Biggest shock is Berry coming in third. The end of his national political ambitions? I guess if you preside over one of the worst education services in the country, you can't really expect to stand for a bellwether seat.

One of the major battlefields, at least in Ilkley, is going to be housing. It's an interesting one. Current incumbent Kris Hopkins is Housing Minister, so presumably is in favour of more houses (he's always taking credit for new developments on his twitter feed anyway). But Ilkley is dead against. Grogan's already released a 'plan' for housing that challenges his own party's plans for the area. We might even find him aligned with the blessed Anne.