Thanks to Fraser for the alcoholic marmalade. Its midday-ish, and I had meant to do some work today. But instead I'll lie in the sun with the cricket on and hazily doze till its time for another slice of bread.

A good pub?

The ma-in-law gave me the Good Pub Guide 2006 for xmas. The only pub it mentions in Ilkley (in the write-in section rather than the main review) is The Cow and Calf. Three or four people give it good reviews for good, consistent food, friendly service, etc. It makes me think less of the rest of the reviews. Somehow I'd put T C nC near the bottom of the pubs available in Ilkers (certainly below Bar T'at, The Yard and The Midland anyway).

Yardie stylee

Just to note that we like The Yard. We're not sure about the heaters, and we don't like the fact that they've started playing the music far too loud. Oh, and the toilets are in a silly place (and the inner and outer doors can't be opened properly together in the Gents, you sort of have to sidle round them), and there's no real beer upstairs, and the elderly brunette behind the bar is well grumpy... But we like the place. Relaxing, mix of ages, generally good beer (downstairs anyway). You can find us in there at least once a week. Yes, I've fallen off the wagon. *crash*.