Thanks to everyone who's contributed over the past month or so--KC, ELv, Mrs EVil, Eggie, Nurseman, Jarda, GLowboat, Yorkiesoul, Nobby, Katherine and I've probably forgotten loads. Back to normal service now.

THere's a great post-mortem over at Nosemonkey's place.

Real Result

Well, I was broadly right. Fekri didn't do as well as I thought. The BNP got less than their local result, so are no real threat (and as for 'Labour will come in fourth'???), and Poulsen was a damp squib. Turnout was on the big side, so Cryer won, though I didn't expect the increased majority--and how bad Poulsen did!

Cryer                  20, 720                44.7%

Poulsen               15,868                 34.3

Fekri                    5,484                  11.8

Griffin                  4,240                   9.2




Well the results are in. A six or seven mile run round Ilkley, and the poster count is:

Dale Eddison: 35-ish

Dacres: 30-ish

William Brown: 10-ish

Anne Cryer: 8

Karl Poulsen: 5

BNP/LibDems/WalkerSmale: 0

As one would expect in Ilkley, then, a win for the estate agents.

Poetry, schmoetry

I got a couple of criticisms of my previous post on alleged poet Ian McMillan and his total crapness.

Well, here's his output for the Today programme. I'm assuming they appointed him as 'token comedy northerner', it can't be for anything else. Utter bilge. The man should be hog-tied and eviscerated. Slowly.

INcidentally, it seems when making permalinks, Typepad doesn't like swear words. That previous post had its title changed in the link to 'local meejah'-aren't merkins amusing?


Interesting rumours flying around that the reason that Labour have spent so much time attacking the LibDems nationally over the last week is that they've seen how well the LDs have done on the postal vote. What this means for this constituency is, however, anyone's guess.