Happy birthday to this

It turns out, having actually checked, that the first post on this site was made on Nov 5th 2003. That makes us just over ten years old, and explains the itch I've been getting. So that's a lot closer to Peter Merholz's first use of the word 'blog' than it is to the present day. I is ancient

Purple Haze

The full story of Jimi Hendrix's one and only appearance in Ilkley is told over on Fraser's new blog. And an excellent piece of research it is too. Wonder if Smokie's annual appearance will; be treated with such reverence in 35 years time?

Rude bwoi

I forgot my manners... Chatiry mentioned this site, and I haven't returned the favour. Apologies. As librarians go, chatiry is most unintimidating. She also likes books, which, IME is very rare amongst her profession. She also likes ranting...something that you'd never see done on this site. Oh no, not never... (and she could give me some lessons in using typepad, I have NO idea how to find out what search terms people are using to get to this site, or how to put on records, books and other such entertainment...ho hum...)