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So, after all that, the Moor remains in Bradford's hands. But selling off Silver Well Cottage to finance improvements? Why? It smacks of selling off the family silver. What happens next time, in a few years, when Bradford still hasn't provided the money the moor requires? Retaining ownership is fine, as long as they start increasing the amount of money spent on it. Most cultural institutions over the past ten years have produced audits reflecting their impact in terms of cash, and other instrumental effects (help with social inclusion, etc.), in order to make their case for increased grants. Given the amount of tourist money the Moor brings into Bradford, the £10,000 per year provided by the Council was shameful. Given also the agenda around health, there are probably other funds and grants that can be applied for, without selling off local assets (and without re-introducing shooting without any consultation as happened last year). Actually, talking of other funds, our research elves dug up this story from a couple of years back--how the moor and other areas had received £850,000 of extra support back in 2003. So where's the moor's share of this money gone? Also note Danny Jackson suggesting the new group then created--SCOSPA--was the vehicle to receive a lot more money from European and other sources. So was the local trust ever needed?
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I'd dig around a bit more where SCOSPA is concerned, you may find something else interesting. Also the idea of a trust came from Danny in the first.
I think you deserve a detailed comment on the subject of the Interreg funding which I presume is the £850,000 to which you refer. I will see that this is sent as a comment in the near future. It was never intended in any way to be solely for Ilkley Moor; rather the SCOSPA area which covers the South Pennines. Ilkley Moor is the furthest extent of the area. (Standing Conference of South Pennines Authorities - now Pennine Prospects).
I should make it clear that Silver Wells Cottage has been vacant, needing investment and technically surplus to requirements of the Service for some three years. Had it been simply registered as surplus it would have been disposed of by the corporate centre and funds realised absorbed into the general capital pot. The ring fencing is actually a good deal for the Moor and the Valley.
Frazer, frankly I do not understand your linking Danny with the idea of the trust. Officers do not make policy.
Anne Hawkesworth.
Who said anything from this quarter about Officers making policy? I said 'idea'. That's a whole lot different than making anything.