The caring face of conservatism

Hmm, so Cameron visits Keighley (not really prime Tory country, but one assumes the news reports meant the constituency.) and gets a story on Newsnight out of it. Unfortunately, not the one they wanted. What have we here? Seriously un-Cameron-like behaviour from our local grande dame Mrs Hawkesworth's consort, John. An email calling opponents 'reptiles'? 'Cripples'? Now I'm not much of a hypocrite, and I've abused enough people on this blog so I'm not in a position to criticise. Course, if I start flinging around terms of abuse about the blessed Anne now, its going to be a tad harder for her or her husband to complain. But its not exactly that new face of conservatism that Tory Boy has been promoting is it--and one assumes the Labour spin doctors will be keeping it running to keep the arrest of one of their aides for perjury out of the public eye ? (btw, the recipient of this email, Kris Hopkins, who is seeking to appear whiter than white (a Jade Goody reference there), is of course only leader of Bradford Council because of a rather sordid power-sharing deal with the LibDems after the voters comprehensively trounced his party in the 2006 local elections, is also now the local Tory candidate for the constituency (and will need the Hawkesworths' help if he's to stand any chance against t'other Ann), and was heavily involved in the scandal over the failed sell-off and leaseback of public buildings, protecting Simon Cooke over his 'interesting gestures', the scandal of Bradford's failing schools, etc....) The email runs--
"My brother Peter met the Cripple (our unPC name for Mark Taylor) this afternoon, and he, the Cripple, was pumping Peter about the selection for the PPC. "I would trust that reptile less than a barrel of monkeys."
One wonders whether that 'our' includes the less-than-sainted Anne? (btw, love the image used to accomoany the piece at that really Mr Hawkesworth? Hope he hasn't got one of those exploding Sony batteries)
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interesting that the email appears to be three or four months old and its leaking - presumably from within Tory ranks - was timed to coincide with Cameron's visit...

infighting or what...?

Indeed, and, given it was from JH to Hopkins concerning Hopkins' selection as candidate, who else had access, how did they get hold of it, and why did they release it?
I hear that Channel 4 have been in touch with John Hawkesworth. It seems that with Jade being voted out, the "Big Brother" house is looking for a new bigot.