To the Manor (re)born

As predicted previously, there was a sudden change of heart regarding support for the Manor House Museum. Indeed, almost exactly as suggested, funding will be cut but not ended if Ilkley PC can provide some of its own money. 

Parish council chairman, Mike Gibbons, has negotiated a £13,000 deal which would keep the museum’s doors open for further year.

Well done to Funky there, though the story isn't clear whether Bradford are now putting in 26K and IPC 13K, or whether the 13K is simply half of the new running costs/ 

Presumably the £13,000 that Ilkley PC will now invest will come from the enhanced precept pot. Which might explain the rise. Can't say I object to that (indeed I suggested it in my original post), but some public consultation would have been nice. I'm reminded of the Mayor in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, "I've invested the entire town's budget without consulting anyone in this..."

I do wonder, though, whether the money Bradford have therefore saved has been covered by closing services elsewhere in the town. 

So, for a year, we still have a museum and community space that isn't very good, but isn't THAT expensive (it can really be run on £26-39,000pa? How much are the likely capital costs over the next decade?). I'm aware of at least two separate groups in the town having meetings about future plans. You've got a year, guys. 

This, of course, isn't the only backing down Bradford have been doing recently. There's also been a twelve-month reprieve for Ilkley Children's Centre. 

Albeit, bizarrely, the Gazette originally ran a story entirely focusing the proposed reprieve on the Labour PPC, John Grogan, even though he'd clearly had nothing to do with it. Blah blah 'has welcomed the decision' is a sure sign that a journalist is casting around for a hook.