Trebles all round

Following the last post, I've had a number of people now assure me that the Ilkley Riding School rent their land (area B on this map) from Bradford Met. Now, I still have some doubts, given the official Bradford review of potential building land (page 23 on this PDF) has the land's availability as 'uncertain' which presumably it wouldn't be if BMDC owned it. 

Of course, the availability might be about something other than ownership. If BMDC do own it, there's another motive for their desire to build, despite there being no need. Not only will they get a grant from government for doing so, but they'll make a profit on the development. Happy hour in central hall. 

But, then, if they DO own it, how did they get it? If it's part of the 1974 settlement, it's not theirs' anyway. And independent Ilkley could/should take it back.

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What's the 1974 settlement?
When Ilkley Council passed over its assets to Bradford MDC. It's at the crux of the argument about how they use the heritage buildings and land. -Job
Ah. So do Bradford MDC own the assets, or are they just looking after them? If so, who do they really belong to?
They do own them, but I'd argue that they remain morally Ilkley's. If Ilkley chose to go independent again, they should return to the town (see also--the Moor, the King's Hall, the Manor House) -Job