Vaulting ambition

Ate at Ilkley Moor Vaults on SUnday. After one local contact said they had 'the best chips in Wharfedale'. Praise indeed. No chips are being served on Sundays though. Haven't been since the re-fit. The old urine-stinking bar seems to have been replaced by a lovely stone real ale parlour, and the upstairs Mr Q's by a London gastro pub. Great service, very helpful, excellently kept beer, and (according to she who knows such things) lamb to kill for. I had a sort of mess of puy lentils, courgettes and goats' cheese which possibly wasn't to everyone's taste, but made a very nice alternative to rissotto. Dealt with food queries very well. Only downside was a lengthy wait for the mains. Which, given they only had ten or so people in, was a little surprising. However, we will be re-visiting very soon. REcommended, seriously hope the new owners make a go of it.
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If it serves a decent vegitarian and good ale
I could see the family dropping by.

Last time I had a meal down there was with that gardener chap who hightailed it down to Hampshire!

That gardener chap has researchers fishing around his old Ilkley links. I wonder what he's brewing?

More importantly, I couldn't be more delighted that the local for when I'm in Ilkley is back on top form.