WIth a sign on the door, part two

Eventually I found my way to the report on local housing.

However, I'm having less luck in locating the Ilkley Parish Council budgets. There's nothing on the PC website except the minutes for meetings. And they ARE only minutes; including ones resolving acceptance of a budget, but no attached reports. Now, Bradford Council, of course has to publish its entire budgetary process. Including specific details of any expenditure over £500. Why does this legislation not apply to Parish Councils?

It makes it somewhat difficult to analyze what the PC spends its money on. Almost as if they're doing it deliberately. Anyone want to bung in an FoIA request?

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In order to see the parish budget you have to approach the parish clerk directly as the informationis not available anywhere else. In fact you may even have to make a Freedom of Information request. I am not sure why the PC are so reluctant to make this information freely available but maybe they think that no body is interested
An update on my last blog. A friend of mine who obtained copies of the annual accounts for the the 5 years up to 2013 has passed them on to me . They make interesting reading and even though I am not an accountant (thank God) they show that they seen to have large unused reserves.
Would your friend be able to scan them and turn them into PDFs or some other electronic form? I'd be happy to post them up and turn them over to the accountants reading this.